this site was created to stimulate conversation about hope. you may have found a polaroid with this website on the back, or happened upon it through the internet abyss. no matter. you are here. so please leave a comment and answer this: what gives you hope?

(to respond, click on "# comments" under the set of photos where you found the polaroid (or any entry) and share what gives you hope.)

19 November 2008


and here's to the guys at the meanwhile as well.

22 October 2008

17 October 2008

holland, michigan


a friend and i hitch hiked from grand rapids to chicago earlier this week, giving each of our 7 rides a polaroid on the way, and one to our friends who gave us a place to rest our heads. once in the city, i posted these:

13 October 2008

its been a while since ive carried polaroids with me, or even created them for that matter. but the journey begins again as i venture to chicago... one of my favorite cities. updates to come friday.

03 July 2008

hope is in a day spent wandering the city with my relatives who unexpectedly came from out of town.

24 June 2008

change can sometimes be hopeful

05 June 2008

today biking in the heat of the midday sun gave me hope.
then walking down the produce isle of the air conditioned grocery store, with its grids of natural color, gave me hope.
later finding the first, small, still very green tomato in my garden.
that really gave me hope.

01 June 2008

sacramento greyhound station

today, i find hope in

the quiet of sunday morning in the city
live music
the color and compositions in the film "garden state"
hot coffee

22 March 2008

08 March 2008

oakland public library, main branch

i also left one next to a man who fell asleep while reading a bible.